Carp Transform to Dragon

Project Proposal to ANA by Dragon Team

1. Aims / Objective / Goals of project

The goal of our project is threefold.

First of all, we want to create a team-work of Vietnamese artists that, from the very beginning, is enriched by the comparison and collaboration with other artists from the rest of SouthEast Asia and beyond.

The opening to the confrontation and the sharing of knowledges will be the founding philosophy of the team-work participating to the residency.

We aim to involve the support of several communities and association of artists active in New Media Art field. With this residency actually we aim to insert artists based in Saigon in a network consisting of Asian communities of artists and practitioners dedicated to new media art projects. At the same time we will begin to build a network of vietnamese partnerships with the aim to create the conditions for the repeatability of the experience.

The third goal is to create an Art Performance that intersects several disciplines and shows, for the first time in Vietnam, something that goes beyond the current canons and modes of vietnamese artistic expression.

2. Brief description of project

After the spread of our open call for artists exploiting the proper media channels and depending on the available budget, we will select from 6 up to 12 artists who will participate in the Artist Residency 2012 in Saigon. During 3 weeks of work, the resident artists will have chance to introduce to one another their projects specifying which is their knowledge. Then they will start by interpreting the imagery related to the proposed legend belonging to Vietnamese culture. Therefore they will collaborate sharing their know-how ranging from dance to digital painting, from interaction design to video art and from sound design to 3d animation. At the end of this process, they will develop an original concept and create a cross disciplinary performance. The final rehearsal of the art performance will be open to the artist communities of Ho Chi Minh city.

Furthermore our final art performance will be shown during an official first night event in a theater of the downtown of Ho Chi Minh city.

3. Methodology / Implementation of project

Planned steps for our project implementation:
4. Time frame of project

5. Projected output of project (is it a workshop, a discussion, a showing, etc.?)

The main projected output of the artist residency we are proposing here is a Live Art Performance.

We are willing to open the final rehearsal of this performance to a limited audience (78 seats) composed by artists based in Ho Chi Minh city. At the end of the performance we will invite this audience to talk with the participants of our residency and satisfy their curiosities about the performance.

Moreover we intend to have an official first night event in a big Theater (about 1000 seats) of Ho Chi Minh city, where it will be possible to thank our partners and sponsors and finally show our Art Performance.

6. Who is your target audience for your project?

We will have two kinds of target audience:
- for the artist residency our target audience will be all the communities, institutions and associations of artists active or even only interested in new media art field.
- for the final performance instead, our target audience will be the normal theater public of Ho Chi Minh city.

7. How do you propose to disseminate information about the project to your target audience?

We will disseminate informations and thank our partners using:

8. How do you think your project will create impact on the art communities/the cultures that you want to engage with? How will it develop the field of your art form?

The artist residency that we propose will be the first of its kind in Vietnam. And one of the few examples produced in South-East Asia so far. This residency will push artists from different disciplines of the Art, to collaborate intensely. These artists will be also belonging to different communities and organizations, based in South-East Asia and beyond, that are devoted to the development and experimentation into the large field of New Media Art.

All participants will contribute to creating a unique performance that will merge abilities and artistic sensibilities very different to one another. Dance, digital painting, 2D and 3D animation, interactivity, sound design. With this artist residency we want to show to the artistic communities in Asia how it is possible to concretize such a complex creative experience, at the same time cross disciplinary, cutting-edge and intercultural. However the result is also proposed to remain close to the normal public in terms of both, accessibility and enjoyment. The impact will be entrusted to the intrinsic experimental nature of the experience, that aims to transcend cultural, disciplinary and social barriers. In this way, the universality and necessity of Art Expression will be confirmed by practice and beyond the rhetoric, even when it comes to its avant-garde side.